Britpop strikes again Playlist vom 03.01.2004 Interpret Titel Interpret Titel Alfie Adorable All american rejects Ash Athlete Blur Blur Belle and Sebastian Bright eyes Coldplay Crash Charlatans Clarkesville The Coral Cornershop Caesars Caesars Cure Curve Chicks on Speed vs. Peaches Dandy Warhols The Darkness Depeche Mode Eastern Lane Echobelly Electric Soft Parade Electric Six Gene Idlewild Jesus and Mary chain James James Jet Joy Division JJ72 Kettcar Libertines Lightning Seeds Lightning Seeds Lowgold Melody Club My Vitriol Mew Muse Muse Muse Nada Surf Nada Surf New Order New Order Oasis Oasis Stuntman Homeboy The last song Girl from mars You got the style Girls and boys Country house Legal man Method acting Yellow Star My beautiful friend Heavy soul Bill mccai Brimful of asha Jerk it out Sort it out Between days Fait accompli We don´t play guitars Plan a I believe in a thing called love Enjoy the silence Feed your addiction Today tomorrow sometimes never Lose your frown Danger high voltage Fighting fit Little discourage Far gone and out Destiny calling Tomorrow Are you gonna be my girl Love will tear us apart Serpent sky Landungsbrücken raus Don´t look back into the sun Pure Three lions Just a ride Electric Grounded Snow brigade Stockholm syndrome Hysteria Bliss Happy kid The way you wear your head Here to stay Crystal Some might say Whatever Oasis Pure Essence Placebo Placebo Placebo Pulp Pulp The Rapture Raveonettes Raveonettes Readymade Radiohead Radiohead Ride Slut Shack Starsailor Shed Seven The Stills The Stills Suede Suede Stereophonics Stone roses Sportfreunde Smiths Strokes Strokes Six by Seven Stone Roses The Thrills Travis Tomte Tocotronic Verve Verve Virginia jetzt Virginia jetzt Wir sind Helden Weezer White Stripes Little by little Walking dead This picture Bitter end 36 degrees Babies Do you remember the first time House of jealous lovers Heartbreak stroll That great love sound Day 2 Go to sleep Just Vapour trail Easy to love Comedy Four to the floor Dolphin Still in love song Love and death Trash Beautiful ones Pick a part that´s new She bangs the drums Ein Kompliment This charming man 12:51 Last nite I.O.U. love Fools gold Big sur Re-offender Schreit den Namen meiner Mutter Jackpot All in the mind Bitter sweet symphony Von guten Eltern  Mein sein Guten Tag Island in the sun Seven nation army